Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunset in Oia

After good recommendations, we went to see the sunset in Oia at the evening on day 4. The sun sets around 08.30 pm and we arrived in the town at 08.15 pm unaware that there were thousands of other people there taking up all the space. After we arrived, the Island had been so quiet and there hadn't been that many others we thought. But wow, what a crowd. So we kinda wished we went there a bit earlier to secure a good spot. So take that in notice if your planning a trip there. However we got to see it, and it was spectacular. Just look at the photos:

Oia is such a beautiful town, a lot prettier than Fira. Another tip, bring sweaters! As the northman I am, I always forget to pack warmer clothes for evenings in heated countries. In my mind I think there is warmth 24/7. Just think about the heights your in, LOTS of wind. At daytime it is OK because its needed in the heat, but at nighttime BRRRRRR, X

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