Friday, 19 July 2013

The Greek sweater

Sweater JOHN P./ Pants BIK BOK/ Shoes DIN SKO/ Purse MONKI/ Bracelet FOREVER NEW/

Back to the outfits! Summer is quite chilly as I live as far north as the arctic, so a cotton sweater and long pants is typical summer. I bought this sweater in Santorini. It is handmade and costed 80€. Found it in a cute little designershop in the mainstreet of Oia. Love the opening on the backside. Very comfy. Goes with everything. X

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The last night

Saturday the 6 of July we left Santorini after one amazing week in Greek paradise. Friday, our last day was spent tanning outside our villa, eating lunch at our favorite restaurant "La Maison" in Imerovigli, viewing the sunset from Imerovigli, and drinking wine at our favorite bar in Fira "Franco's". Santorini has a very good local white wine called Sigalas. Recommended! We miss this Island so much, cannot wait for my next adventure! X



Day 6 we had a daytrip visiting the neighbor Island, Ios. It was a 1 hour and 10 minutes boat ride. First we had some sightseeing around the town of Ios before we got driven to the most perfect Greek beach ever, Mylopotas! We stayed here for a few hours sunbaking and floating in the ocean. Take this trip while in Santorini!

View towards Santorini.


Monday, 8 July 2013

Spa and Open Air Cinema

Day 5 was first spent sunbaking before we headed towards one of Vinsantos sister hotels, Avaton Resort and Spa. We had a 3 hours long couple treatment that included spa facilities as well as a 1 hours long massage. Loved it! Beautiful resort as well as a spectacular view. Take a look here .

When the evening came we went to the Open Air Cinema in Kamari after good reviews on tripadvisor. I recommend everyone to go there, couples as families! So cozy, there is a reason it lays on top of the list. A bar there as well to order snacks and drinks. We saw Oz the great and powerful. X

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunset in Oia

After good recommendations, we went to see the sunset in Oia at the evening on day 4. The sun sets around 08.30 pm and we arrived in the town at 08.15 pm unaware that there were thousands of other people there taking up all the space. After we arrived, the Island had been so quiet and there hadn't been that many others we thought. But wow, what a crowd. So we kinda wished we went there a bit earlier to secure a good spot. So take that in notice if your planning a trip there. However we got to see it, and it was spectacular. Just look at the photos:

Oia is such a beautiful town, a lot prettier than Fira. Another tip, bring sweaters! As the northman I am, I always forget to pack warmer clothes for evenings in heated countries. In my mind I think there is warmth 24/7. Just think about the heights your in, LOTS of wind. At daytime it is OK because its needed in the heat, but at nighttime BRRRRRR, X

Santorini, Day 4

We rented the ATV for one more day, so day 4 we went for a drive all the way down to the most southern point of the Island. Faros, the lighthouse at the tip is overlooking the Aegean sea. Beautiful place to visit while in Santorini. We also drove to other places and saw Perissa and Caldera. X

Santorini day 2 and 3

Day 2 was spent sunbaking, eating tons of food and drinking lots of beer. Day 3 we rented an ATV and drove down to one of the beaches, Kamari. The beach consisted of stones rather than sand. However, the place was beyond beautiful. The promenad had so many restaurant and shops to choose from.

Incoming flight. Kamari beach.

At the evening we went to Fira to eat dinner and have some drinks. We found this GORGEOUS place called "Franco's". A very romantic, quiet, relaxing bar. Only couples there. Loved it. More updates in next post, X

Santorini, day 1

Just arrived home in Alta after an unforgettable romantic vacation in Santorini, Greece! For me, Santorini is the perfect Greek Island, and I've been dreaming about visiting since I was a little girl. Me and my boyfriend traveled from Oslo in the early hours of Saturday the 29 of June. I was suppose to update you all throughout my holiday, but I manage to forget the cable that transfers the photos from camera to laptop. So I'll do the updates now. After 4 hours in the air we landed on our destination. We had booked us in at Vinsanto Villas laying on the cliffs of Imerovigli. Imerovigli is a quiet and beautiful location close to the center of the Island, Fira. Our room, a superior room, had just been renovated. So pretty! And the view was spectacular! The staff at Vinsanto served us breakfast at our balcony every morning. Imagine waking up to this view!

There is light at the left shelves as well, I just forgot to turn it on before the picture.

Later we had a walk around Fira. This is the main town on the Island.

Beautiful sunset over Imerovigli. Will continue the updates in a new post. X