Thursday, 9 May 2013

Crown Braid

Blazer ASOS/ Singlet and pants H&M/ Shoes BIANCO

This blazer is one of my all time favorite purchases! Bought it last spring, never getting rid of it.

I did my own twist on a crown braid today. This is how I created it: Separate a piece of hair on the right side. Take a chunk of hair from the left and start French braiding towards the right side. When you run out of hair, finish off the braid all the way down. Now, take the hair your separated at first and make a regular braid. Take the regular braid and place it just above the french braid. Fasten it on the left side with bobby pins. Take the french braid and bring it around until it meets the regular braid. Fasten with pins and your done! Got the idea from @noraforell on Instagram, X.

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