Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bohemian Hair

Braid tutorial

I love life right now. I look forward every time I'm leaving for work, and at home I'm almost finished renovating my room. Last week I painted the wooden walls light greige. Now I'm waiting for my new bed to arrive and then I'll interior with purple and turquoise. I'll show you when its all done! Over to something else, I thought I could share some tips on regaining healthy hair:

1. Avoid washing your hair everyday. I wash it maximum 2 times a week. If your hair get used to it, it wont get dirty right away. Usually I have my hair loose the two first days after I last washed it, and then I put it up in different up do's and braids. 2. Invest in a good dry shampoo! I use one from Redken. 3. Don't sleep with your hair loose. Braid it or put it in a high ponytail with a soft elastic. 4. When you wash it avoid putting on too heated water. Try lukewarm, or even cold if you can handle it. 5. And of course: use conditioner every time you wash it, and hair-mask once in a while. Also remember to to put on heat protector before you straight or curl it, as well while your in the sun!

Do know any other good tip? Please share.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Pancake Braid

Pancake Braid with Double Twists tutorial

This braided updo is such a pretty style, and has a easy technique. However, I struggled a bit because my hair is so long and heavy. All the loose hair is supposed to be rolled together and hidden under the braid with bobby-pins. It took me awhile to secure it properly. Anyone knows other "equipments" than bobby-pins to use in this matter? Please spill! Lately I've watch a lot of "mad men" episodes, and I get so inspired by the 50 and 60s feminine style. X

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Monday, 7 January 2013

First Day


Just finished my first day as account manager for Thon Hotels. I couldn't be happier or more grateful at the moment. Bright future, happy face! I love the fact that I have to suit up at work. It is so fun to experiment with this style, and I look forward to filling my closet. I made a basic wrap around ponytail to this outfit. And by the way: HAPPY new year! 2013 will be amazing, I can feel it. Sorry about the dark and pale photos, we are still in the dark season. But from this month it will gradually getting lighter. I am back to regular blogging now. X