Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Today has literally been spent inside. Rhian and Jasmin has been to their internship jobs, while I stayed in room watching tv series and tried put in some effort finishing my assignment that is due in a week. Well well that didn't go to well, but been a great day to gather energy. Tomorrow will be a day with lots of adventures, very excited! Meanwhile, enjoy the view from Rhi and Jas NYU University Hall room. Love love

Monday, 30 July 2012

Central Park


Me and Rhian spent around 4 hours walking around Central Park today. The weather shifted from cloudy to sunny and then to heavy showers. Then we went shopping on upper east side before we had a walk through Times Square on our way back. Will go back to Times Square some time this week to have a better look around and take more pictures. Now us three girls are just chilling in room. Talk to you tomorrow! X

Sunday, 29 July 2012

First Day in New York

I arrived at the New York University Hall around 10pm friday, finally meeting Rhian & Jasmin after months apart! Funny to be living on campus again, very similar rooms to the ones that are offered at Bond Uni. Yesterday we went walking around Upper East Side, visited MoMa and the Guggenheim Museum, and went shopping for a couple of hours in Soho. Today we will walk around Central Park, very excited! If it's not raining as much as yesterday, I will take more photos outside!



Talk to you soon x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ready for take off

Today I finished my last shift as a waitress, and am now only 14 hours away from starting my journey towards New York!! So excited, but so tired. I have basically not slept for days because of work and different events to attend. So before I take a nap I'll need to make sure everything I need is placed in my suitcase, leaving first thing in the morning! Bf is currently making pizza for us, so I'll just enjoy the rest of this evening with food and home spa. Have a great arvo, and talk to next when in New York! Better pictures then xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Excited woman

Bag BIANCO/ Necklace & Bracelet SPORTSGIRL

The week I have been waiting for is finally here! On thursday I do my last shift as a waitress at Best Western Nordlys Hotel, and on friday I leave for NYC to meet my two Australian besties! After 9 days in the US we'll return to Norway travelling around for 3 weeks. Too excited!! We have been planning this for almost a year, so close. Now I just need to pick out what clothes and shoes to bring, clean the house, finish an assignment, and complete 4 more days as a waitress and I'm off!
Have a nice day, xo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Family vaca


My family arrived Australia just before my last exams in December. We spent a week on the Gold Coast celebrating me finishing uni, as well as trying to soak up some sun on the beach and visiting all the Gold Coast theme parks. Then we headed up north to tropical Cairns! We lived just outside the city on a peaceful place called Palm Cove. We went on a lot of sightseeing as well as a crocodile safari, but will not include photos from those days as it would have been to much for this post. We had a blast!

I ate crocodile O.o

On the 24th of December (Christmas day for scandinavians), we woke up to a couple of wallabies outside our apartment and after headed out on a unforgetable boat/snorkle trip into the great barrier reef! Must be the best traveling memory to this date, the ocean was so warm and the water was crystal clear. The screen on my underwater camera died just a couple of minutes after I entered the water, but the blitz still worked if I pressed the button, so luckily I kept taking photos. They turned out great even though I didn't know where I aimed. These pictures are beautiful, but just don't give the magical trip justice:

Glass boat trip over the reefs!

Crystal clear water


We arrived Sydney the 30th of December, living outside the CBD at a place called Parramatta. The hotel we stayed at was aweful! But the Opera house sightseeing and the New Year fireworks made the whole trip worth everything! We stayed until the 1st of January before we took a flight back to the Gold Coast to move out of my apartment and say goodbye to my three years down under.

On NYE we stayed at a park just towards the river of the Opera House and the harbour bridge. My dad had a friend there visiting her son who was studying in Sydney, so we stayed with them as the son recommended to stay in this park for the best view. And he was right, it was AMAZING!! The park is called "Cremorne Point". We arrived there already at 1pm to get a good spot. We sun baked and watched the sun set before we started the countdown. At 9pm they put on a "family firework show for all the kiddies", and then at midnight the big one was shot up. It was such an amazing day, will remember it forever!

Thank you mom and dad for investing in this amaze family vacation, you are the best!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

When I "graduated"

In december 2011 I finished my studies at Bond Uni! I took a double degree majoring marketing and advertising, called Bachelor of Communication (Business). As I was about to leave Australia, I couldn't attend my official graduation. So my dad stept up with his photographic skills to capture the moment before we left. I was kinda amazed by how good these photos turned out. Memories for life!

Will update with lots of photos from our family vacation on the Gold Coast, Cairns for Christmas, and Sydney on new years eve as well, xo