Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Update - homecoming date is set!

Hello lovelies!

Since last time I wrote my last uni semester has started. The first two weeks been good, and I really like all the assignments that I will need to hand in! The teachers are also good, had all of them in subjects previous semesters. The weather is amazing, aussies are saying that this is the best first spring month in 20 years! Between 25-30 degrees clear sky every day now. On monday Kristian's friend Stian arrived from Norway. He will be staying here with us until friday next week when he leaves for Perth where he will spend some weeks doing an exchange in his medicine studies.

And now to the most exciting part! My ENTIRE family is arriving Australia the 13 of december! Like everyone of them (both parents and all three brothers)!! OMG SO EXCITED!! It's only a little over 3 months left now. We will stay a while on the Gold Coast, then travel to Cairns and celebrate new years eve in Sydney. Think this will be the first BIG holiday the entire family is gathered after Henrik was born in 2006. It will be the best one EVER, and so excited to introduce them to Rhi and Jas! And we will land on Norwegian ground 5 of january. Can't wait to see all my friends again, which I miss every day! Most of them will still be at home on christmas holiday when I arrive! Aah happy life! xx

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