Friday, 9 September 2011

Tight and Bright

Yesterday we went to this tight and bright party (or that was the plan but we had pre drinks for to long). It is one of the event Bond arrange prior week 1 (called orientation week). Had so much fun! Rhian and Jasmin is so lovely, enjoy every second I spend with them! Same humor and all. Met Jasmin in the january semester when we took the same subject and ended up on a group together. Then I got introduced to Rhian in the may semester in another subject all three had together. And the best thing is, we will also take the same subjects this semester as well! haha, dream team!

At EAST Broadbeach, look how cute Rhi is here!

Rhi, myself and Jas

Helloo drunken/asian eyes on me here, haha.

Btw, only 2 more days left of this holiday!
Yikes. Will keep you posted on what I'll be up to, xx

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