Thursday, 8 September 2011

Final days of my semester break

On monday my last (!!) semester at Bond commence and I am suuper excited. This will be my 7th semester here, so I am really looking forward to get my bachelor diploma from this uni. So much work, but worth it!! I had some troubles with my timetable because one of my subjects changed time, and of course collided into another subject.. I was really looking forward to take Event planning (as my last elective), but had to change it to something else. So I chose Brand and Category Management which is another marketing subject. Haha such a geeky thing to take a marketing subject I don't need that has the double workload of other electives I could have choosen. Well well, will look good on my diploma after all! This is my timetable now:

Looking good! The best thing this semester is that I don't need to stay at uni between classes as you can see. And for those of you who wonder why there is only 3 subject there is because I am taking the last one online through open uni. That subject is already in week 2!

Over to something else. Me and Kristian have been relaxing a lot these last days. Went to the beach and on monday we took a trip to dreamworld! A lot of crazy rides as well as typical Australian animals. The first time Kristian saw kangaroos, koalas, dingos, crocodiles, wombats etc. And also, the spring temperature here is now all up to 25 degrees! YAY!! Keep you posted, xx

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