Friday, 24 June 2011


My advertising teacher cancelled my only tutorial yesterday so everyone could work on their swipe file. But I already finished mine, so me and Kristian spent the day at SEAWORLD! This was the first time I went on the Gold Coast one, so we both were pretty excited. I loved it! Especially the penguins! They also had a polar bear there (only one in Australia). But every time I went up to the observation deck he walked into his cave or fall asleep behind a rock so no photos :(

We took one roller coaster ride, but both of us was a bit disappointed about it. The rides are much better at movieworld, and I have heard that dreamworld is even better! I love that the Gold Coast has so many theme parks :) We had great fun! Kristian even won me a pink monkey! But I had to force him though.. haha! Today we will spend the evening in surfers paradise for dinner and drinks with some friends! Talk to you later, xxxx

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