Monday, 30 May 2011


First ever picture of me and him. April 2009, one year after we first met. We both look so different, and K is having the worst clothing style, while I'm having the WORST haircolor and eyebrows. HAHA, gold!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Zoo

Sunday one week ago I went to the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary with some friends! And after 3 years down under I finally saw my first kangaroo and koala! Yeah I know crazy.. there hasn't actually been an opportunity before now, and there is no wild animals in the city. I actually hold a koala as well, but didn't get any photo of that. And I swear I saw the biggest crocodile EVER there!! After spending some hours there we went to the beach in currumbin and had a pretty good view towards Gold Coast :)


Semester break

I finished my last exam the 20 of april! Then I had 3,5 weeks holidays. After moving out of the reserve I went to stay with Shanna while looking for an apartment. We had great fun!! First we went to a footy game. Gold Coast Titans Vs The Roosters (Sydney team) at Skilled Park. My first live footy game. I can finally tell the difference between NRL and AFL now. So fun!

The day after we went for a day in Surfers Paradise. First we went to titanium bar and drank champagne and then we went up in the eye flight thing. Pretty good view over surfers and broadbeach :)

We also went to Movie world! I absolutely loved it!! Took some crazy rides and saw this super funny Disney parade. I will recommend my family to go there when they get here in december. Guess my little brothers will LOVE it!!


New Apartment

2 weeks ago I moved in to mine and Kristian's apartment!! There was a time I had real panic as I had to move out from the Reserve 30.april, and the apartment I thought I would get suddenly got taken! I stayed at Shanna's house for a week while looking. All the one bedroom apartments around Bond Uni was taken, I thought! After a while when I thought all hope was gone, a perfect apartment was available just a 15 minutes walk from uni! And its a brand new apartment as well, no one has lived there after renovating :)) And we one pay 340 AUD a week! It pretty big as well. I am very happy about it! Was important for me to settle down before the new semester began! Week 1 is already over, only 13 more until this semester is finished as well. So close to my finish my bachelor degree now! And is only 2 weeks until Kristian moves here!! So happy and excited at the moment :) Much to look forward too! xx