Saturday, 16 April 2011

Q1 skypoint deck

On wednesday me and Ellen (a friend of Christin who visited) took some time covering the view over the Gold Coast. I had never been to the skypoint deck before so I was as much excited as Ellen was. It was AMAZING! 77 floor above the ground in Australias highest building. We both bought us a cocktail each which we drank while viewing the entire city. My strawberry mojito was really worth every 16 dollar. And the weather was clear and perfect.

The reason why I took some time outside of the university was because I submitted my last assignment and presented it on tuesday! Can't believe I manage to finish ALL the assignments/presentations that has been due this sem. So proud of myself. So now I have 4 final exams waiting for me... two on tuesday and two wednesday! I know, CRAZY timing! But sooo close to finishing 4 subjects now. Looking forward to three and a half weeks holiday ahead of me. Next semester starts on 16th of may. Then it's just two semester left until I have an international bachelor degree, can't waaait!

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