Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mimi's back!

I'm back! Finally came to an decision to continue this blog. Almost forgot all about it! Doing a subject called 'website design' this semester, so this blog would be used for experiments, exciting! And for everyone who wishes to read about my life, I'll try update as much as possible.

I arrived the Gold Coast on 16 January, so I have been here for exactly 3 weeks now. Super weird being back here after 9 month home in Norway! Been soo nervous about leaving Kristian, family and friends.. but I'm actually doing much better than expected! This time I'm NOT traveling home to Norway before January 2012.. OMG!

For this semester I am living with Christin and Eivind in a two bedroom apartment inside The Reserve, which is right next to uni (will post photos). I know both of them from where I grew up in Norway, so we are having a pretty good time as flatmates. For next semester I'll be moving into a one bedroom apartment as Kristian will be moving in for at least 3 months!! So excited to finally have him here with me. He will arrive early June. I REALLY hate this long distance relationship we are having again! But I'm pretty sure we will survive these last months ahead of us, and then NEVER again. Mum, dad and my two youngest brothers will be visiting here in December! That will be so nice, I am really struggling with the thought of being away from them for nearly a year.. From 2008 to 2009 I was 8 months here without traveling home, and that was hard.

I haven't done much these 3 weeks. The first week I used to move into the apartment, and get all uni stuff sorted out. Been doing a lot of homework and reading. But I did celebrate Australia Day that was on the 26 of January, and this weekend I went south to NSW to a place called Evans Head. Me, Jan Erik and my new friends Shanna, Claire, Tenille and Mason. That was so much fun! Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Australia Day:

Evans Head:

Yesterday was my first tanning session since yeah.. march last year! So I got pretty sunburned.. that is the third time in my life that has happened. I NEVER get sunburned and I used really hurts. One of the pictures above is showing some of the redness on my back. It is CRAZY. I hate being so white and norwegian right now. Think I should tan on a regular basis from this day on!

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