Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine!

Me and Kristian had actually decided to not give each other anything for valentines day this year. But that was not what Kristian had in mind obviously!
I had class today from 8-12 and got a phone call whilst in class, and since I didn't recognize the phone number I ignored it as I always do. I forgot all about it until 2.50 pm when I was getting ready for my next class that started at 3. I was curious and actually called back the number. And a man told me there was a bucket of flowers down stairs in the reception for me. Lucky me!! The reception closes at 3 pm so I manage to be there just on time! I was soo surprised!! Thank you Kristian<3 And now I feel bad about not giving you anything.. Love you xx BY THE WAY, Kristian just bought his tickets to Australia and will arrive the 6 of June!

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