Monday, 14 November 2011


Late update again but heres an amount of pictures from Halloween. We went to 360 bar at Varsity Towers where Jasmin and Mel arrange this party. So fun, cheap drink and many funny costumes. Massive night! P.s. Kristian is suppose to be a dog. Or as he called it himself, the dog master haha.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rhi's birthday

It's been a lot of birthdays lately, and today is Rhian's day, happy birthday love! Yesterday we celebrated with champagne, wine, beers, cake, candy and a lot of other yummy food. We spent the entire day at Rhian's place and had so much fun! Me and Jasmin surprised her with cake and presents. The cake was YUMMY! Cheesecake with caramel. Here are some pictures from our night:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Happy birthday

Today is boyfriend's big day, happy birthday Kristian!
I hope Australia makes your celebration a much less disaster than the one I had, haha love u<3

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kings of leon!

Delayed update!

I took some time to write this entry as I'm currently finishing up a marketing essay that is due tomorrow, so needed a break! I have been sick for a week now, been having the flu. It's so awful since its so rare that I catch something like this. So I'm almost alright again now, just a sore throat after all the coughing. Anyways I went out with Jas, Rhi and Mel on thursday (not a good idea since I had the flu so got double the sickness the day after), we had dinner at chelles in surfers and went out afterward. It was fun! Love these girls, I didn't know Australia could create such perfect creatures after so many betrayals, haha. Every day I wish we had met earlier, but at the same time so thankful my last time here would surprisingly end up this good! Thank you for creating memories with me, and making me feel this trip has been worth my time and money <3

Over to something else! Me and Kristian have been talking about attending the Kings of Leon tour in Brisbane for a while now, and yesterday we went online to look at tickets, and we got so happy! Guess what? They have just updated their Australia tour and included the Gold Coast!!! WIIIII! So we bought tickets right away, they will hold a concert the 9 of november, and we are beyond excited!! The warm up band is no other than Band of Horses! Could it be better?? Yaaay, will keep you posted, xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Update - homecoming date is set!

Hello lovelies!

Since last time I wrote my last uni semester has started. The first two weeks been good, and I really like all the assignments that I will need to hand in! The teachers are also good, had all of them in subjects previous semesters. The weather is amazing, aussies are saying that this is the best first spring month in 20 years! Between 25-30 degrees clear sky every day now. On monday Kristian's friend Stian arrived from Norway. He will be staying here with us until friday next week when he leaves for Perth where he will spend some weeks doing an exchange in his medicine studies.

And now to the most exciting part! My ENTIRE family is arriving Australia the 13 of december! Like everyone of them (both parents and all three brothers)!! OMG SO EXCITED!! It's only a little over 3 months left now. We will stay a while on the Gold Coast, then travel to Cairns and celebrate new years eve in Sydney. Think this will be the first BIG holiday the entire family is gathered after Henrik was born in 2006. It will be the best one EVER, and so excited to introduce them to Rhi and Jas! And we will land on Norwegian ground 5 of january. Can't wait to see all my friends again, which I miss every day! Most of them will still be at home on christmas holiday when I arrive! Aah happy life! xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Sorry friends for lack of updates! Busy first week back a uni, but will update soon been happening lots! Anyway, I'm doing fine and really enjoying my last semester here. Miss u all, xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tight and Bright

Yesterday we went to this tight and bright party (or that was the plan but we had pre drinks for to long). It is one of the event Bond arrange prior week 1 (called orientation week). Had so much fun! Rhian and Jasmin is so lovely, enjoy every second I spend with them! Same humor and all. Met Jasmin in the january semester when we took the same subject and ended up on a group together. Then I got introduced to Rhian in the may semester in another subject all three had together. And the best thing is, we will also take the same subjects this semester as well! haha, dream team!

At EAST Broadbeach, look how cute Rhi is here!

Rhi, myself and Jas

Helloo drunken/asian eyes on me here, haha.

Btw, only 2 more days left of this holiday!
Yikes. Will keep you posted on what I'll be up to, xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Final days of my semester break

On monday my last (!!) semester at Bond commence and I am suuper excited. This will be my 7th semester here, so I am really looking forward to get my bachelor diploma from this uni. So much work, but worth it!! I had some troubles with my timetable because one of my subjects changed time, and of course collided into another subject.. I was really looking forward to take Event planning (as my last elective), but had to change it to something else. So I chose Brand and Category Management which is another marketing subject. Haha such a geeky thing to take a marketing subject I don't need that has the double workload of other electives I could have choosen. Well well, will look good on my diploma after all! This is my timetable now:

Looking good! The best thing this semester is that I don't need to stay at uni between classes as you can see. And for those of you who wonder why there is only 3 subject there is because I am taking the last one online through open uni. That subject is already in week 2!

Over to something else. Me and Kristian have been relaxing a lot these last days. Went to the beach and on monday we took a trip to dreamworld! A lot of crazy rides as well as typical Australian animals. The first time Kristian saw kangaroos, koalas, dingos, crocodiles, wombats etc. And also, the spring temperature here is now all up to 25 degrees! YAY!! Keep you posted, xx

Monday, 22 August 2011


Had my 22nd birthday on Wednesday the 17 of august! Of course in my exam week, haha. But went out celebrating this Saturday with my brand new best friends here in Australia. My last exam is next week, then I'll have a two week holiday! Keep you posted. xx

Monday, 1 August 2011


Avenged Sevenfold was amazing!! Was good to have a break from the Gold Coast for a couple of days. Very much needed! Thursday we went on to the concert, and friday we went sightseeing and later had a casino night at treasury. I have to get back to uni work no. 2 weeks left of this semester! Will update soon X

Friday, 24 June 2011


My advertising teacher cancelled my only tutorial yesterday so everyone could work on their swipe file. But I already finished mine, so me and Kristian spent the day at SEAWORLD! This was the first time I went on the Gold Coast one, so we both were pretty excited. I loved it! Especially the penguins! They also had a polar bear there (only one in Australia). But every time I went up to the observation deck he walked into his cave or fall asleep behind a rock so no photos :(

We took one roller coaster ride, but both of us was a bit disappointed about it. The rides are much better at movieworld, and I have heard that dreamworld is even better! I love that the Gold Coast has so many theme parks :) We had great fun! Kristian even won me a pink monkey! But I had to force him though.. haha! Today we will spend the evening in surfers paradise for dinner and drinks with some friends! Talk to you later, xxxx