Sunday, 11 July 2010

Midnattsrocken 2010!

What a weekend! LOVED IT!! We arrived the festival around 4 pm saturday, and me and Dina had already started drinking in the car on our way to Lakselv. It takes 2 hours to drive from Alta to Lakselv. I had never been there before, I could only see some houses and a lot of wood! The festival was the only place with people. Haha. Me and Dina in the back seat on our way to one of our best nights ever:

Just arrived! Making sure we're dressed properly.

How I looked. Love my jacket? Yeah, I love it too. BUT I lost it. haha... not my phone or camera, but my jacket! How's that possible? The best thing is that it belongs to mommy. So now I can't wait for her to come home from vacation so I can tell her....

The Camping. Looked like this EVERYWHERE. Finnmark style ;)

Ain't a music festival without mud!

We met two of the instrumental performers in Queensryche that is from USA. They just came over to say hi, I didn't even know who they were before they told us. They was SO nice and they came over to Siri's lavvo and we sat there for a while drinking and talking before they had to go on stage. Parker Lundgren is he to the left, and Kenny Bender is the one on the right side of me.

Queensryche on stage!

N.E.R.D!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! We was SO close to him with 13 000 people behind us. Me, Dina, Linda, Lisa Marie and Lotte was on the front row in the middle! It was several moments Pharrell Williams looked at us and sang. That was the sickest thing ever!! I think all of us had a moment with him. He had the best connection with the audience, and he is so handsome!


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