Friday, 2 July 2010

Hard working woman

I have some me time tonight as I was suppose to work until 10 pm but had to go home 8 as Im not feeling to well. It's awful because Im never sick, so when I first am it feels like Im dying.. Anyways, now that I have some time I can show you how I manage to clean my bathroom the other day. SO PROUD! I went through all my jewelry. Made a system and threw some of it away. So now I have all of the one I use easy to catch. Convenient!

This is one of my two favorite perfumes. I love it! Smells so good, and people associate me with it now because I use it so often. My other perfume is Christian Dior's Cherie! Love Love Love

CLEAN bathroom! I better keep it that way..

A sick and tired me right now with work clothes on. I'm now working 100% as a waitress and in the reception at Nordlys (northen light) hotel here in Alta. Need travel money so bad. Will be back in Australia in January to finish up my bachelor degree. One year left with study, which means one year without salary! Thanks to mum and dad for keeping up with me eating all their food and using all their money, haha!


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