Monday, 3 May 2010


Ops, one week since I blogged last time.. well, I know why. I've been too busy spending time with Kristian and checking out the city of Tromsø. Even though I been there a thousand times before! My week with him was so good.. We went to the cinema (Kick-ass), ate a lot of food, went out for party, and I also got introduced to some of his friends. But I had to leave Tromsø because I had to start work today!

I really REALLY wished to stay there longer because we have been 14 weeks apart.. and he wont finish school in tromsø before the beginning of june.. that's 5 weeks till! I will do my best to talk mommy and daddy into helping me with flight tickets back there in two weeks. Just for a long weekend. Because now we're ONLY 35 MINUTES with flight away from each other. That's an improve. Now I will continue watching cartoon network with my two adorable little brothers, who I have missed so MUCH! Anyway it's GREAT to be back home in Alta with family!! Picture update soon!


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