Saturday, 10 April 2010

Australia vs. Norway

Since I've been living in Australia for a while now, I have distinguish between whats good and bad with both Australia and Norway. I don't believe anything that exist in this world is perfect.. so of course I have found both positive and negative things. Everything would be soo much easier if Australia and Norway could have shared their goodies into one perfect country! haha ;) No Im just kiddin, even though there's negativity to things, at least there is a personality there, and they stand out from other countries. Take a look:

- Australian beaches, easy to distinguish from other beaches
- In general a very polite nationality
- Skylines<3
- Summer weather every season, SUNNY!
- Beautiful architecture on houses and buildings
- A lot of events, and things happening all the time
- Surfing
- Amazing landscapes
- Funny animals
- Party people!

- Humid air
- Bugs
- Dangerous animals
- Hard to find honest people
- A little behind in how the world have developed themselves in women respect
- Rainy
- Thinks there's no life outside Australia and the US.
- Get's angry at not-australian people not speaking clear english, when they only speak their own language.
- Have NO idea what Norway is.
- Think that Australia has the best quality of life in the world..

- Best quality of life over all other countries in the world
- Northern lights, midnight sun, ice hotels, fjords and winterland
- Pretties boys in the world!
- Even though we are rude, we're at least honest!
- Amazing landscapes
- Sporty, tell me about a NOT sporty norwegian guy/girl?
- Well educated
- We're allowed to boast about our viking background and our oil
- There's a reason why not norwegian people think Norway is just a fairytale.

- Cold
- Small country only the smartest people in the world knows exist
- Small towns, and cities, in general NOT a big population of people
- Okey then, we are rude and self-centered
- There's only big events in Oslo, because that's the only place that can be consider big
- Worldwide we are confused with Sweden...
- So what language do you guys speak in Norway? Me: Norwegian? Dumbass: Ooh..

Would you prefer a life in Australia or Norway?


  1. I found this post funny, cause I'm from Sweden and I live in New Zealand :P Maybe I should make a post similar to this one but comparing Sweden and New Zealand instead :P

  2. Haven't been in Australia, but I'd die to go there... I have familymembers in Norway tho :)

    It's hard to see a country better than another. They both have positive and negative sides :-)

  3. Agree, but hey it's good for us Scandinavian's too have some sun on to our skin ;)