Sunday, 28 March 2010

Change in my plan

I will most likely defer two semesters here at Bond! Been talking with family a lot about this, and I decided to take a subject at a college in my hometown besides working. Then I want to travel to Bali and New Zealand before the january 2011 semester. Glad I chose a private university with different rules than what is actually usual!

Bond University offers student the possibility to finish their bachelor degree in two years instead of three because they run shorter semester's. They do three semesters a year, January, May and September. Because the Norwegian government only supports two semesters a year, me and most of the other norwegian students at this uni only do those two.. So I usually go home the may semester to have a summer vacation and work in my home country. But I have decided to take a longer break and will be home working and traveling! Excited about spending time with family and friends and experience the opposite type of paradise in this world again. The arctic!! ;)

Take care, xx

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