Sunday, 28 March 2010

Change in my plan

I will most likely defer two semesters here at Bond! Been talking with family a lot about this, and I decided to take a subject at a college in my hometown besides working. Then I want to travel to Bali and New Zealand before the january 2011 semester. Glad I chose a private university with different rules than what is actually usual!

Bond University offers student the possibility to finish their bachelor degree in two years instead of three because they run shorter semester's. They do three semesters a year, January, May and September. Because the Norwegian government only supports two semesters a year, me and most of the other norwegian students at this uni only do those two.. So I usually go home the may semester to have a summer vacation and work in my home country. But I have decided to take a longer break and will be home working and traveling! Excited about spending time with family and friends and experience the opposite type of paradise in this world again. The arctic!! ;)

Take care, xx

Jeg har forresten presentert bloggen min på Bloggurat.
Jeg har plassert min blogg i Altanorske bloggkart!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Byron Bay

In February me, Cecilia and Dina went for a unforgettable trip to Byron Bay! I had never been there, which is kinda embarrassing since I only live 1 hour away from the paradise.. the thing is all my friends in Gold Coast had been there times where I wasn't able to come with them. So now that I had friends from home on visit I definitely had to go! Heard so many nice thing about the place, and all of them were true ;) Byron Bay is the best experienced I have had in Australia so far! AMAZING!

17.feb 2010:
We arrived "Backpacker Inn" around 4 pm. The hostel was really something for itself. As I always live at high quality hotels when I travel, this was different! We lived in on a dorm, and had to share bathroom with the rest of the floor. But I loved it anyway! This is the kind of experiences you get the best memories from. We went to eat at "balcony" before we bought some wine bottles and went back to the hostel. On the first floor all of the guest were gathered to drink and later go out. We meet some swedish backpackers that was really nice, and we went out to "cheeky monkeys" with them. Fun fun!

18.feb 2010:
After we woke up we went for some hours at the beach. Queensland have had really bad weather after new year, so I was prepare for rain and clouds BUT we just had one hour or something with shower and the rest of the day it was clear sun! Lucky girls ;) At night we went out to "Cocomanga's" and "Cheeky Monkey's" and had fun dancing and being social with other travellers :D

19.feb 2010:
Me and Cecilia decided to take a little trip to the light house with is australia's most easterly point! Dina didn't feel well, so she stayed at the hostel. We was sure the trip would only take like 20 minutes to walk, but NO, it took an hour and it was hills to be climb. LOL, it was a nice walk though. We had an amazing view and when we finally was on the top the trip was so worth it. We took some pictures, had a 20 minutes chill before we walked back to Dina and the hostel. Last night in Byron, and we went out for drinks and social gatherings for the last time. "Cocomanga's" and "Cheeky Monkey's" again ;) haha.

20.feb 2010:
Last day! Our bus transport was leaving at 2 so we didn't have a lot of time to do anything else than just go out eat and chill. We looked through our pictures which we had taken HEAPS of. haha, I was sad because Dina and Cecilia was leaving for Perth the same day, and I had to go back to Uni all by my self :( the trip was amazing said once again. I miss the girls every day, and I got memories for life<3

Take care, xx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Grapes Hops & Jazz

Another Bond event is over, and the norwegians was of course attending in a large number. Open bar and jazz music, how classy! Maybe not the place for drunk vikings to be though.. but I can promise we behaved the first hour ;) Pictures proof underneath! It's amazing how Jazz music can be so danceable after some champagne drinks, lol! As we say in norwegian "jazz foten" and "jazz fingern" was constantly in move. Or the jazz foot and jazz finger in english ;)

Busses went to surfers paradise for afterparty at Shooters nightclub but we were all over other clubs as well. Fun! We wouldn't survived this type of eduction without these crazy Bond events!! Thank u Bond. haha

Take care, xx

Saturday, 6 March 2010


As I finally started my advertising major this semester I find the field extremely interesting! Im doing internet advertising and digital media and society this sem, the first subjects that we really go into the web and how it's used. Im so happy about choosing the right education, and I also decided to take website design as a elective when I get back here in september! And now that I finally took time to set up a blog Im kinda obsessed. haha, this is fun, and I will keep on going. Now it's time for some marketing theory as a sales management test is coming up in a terribly short time! I have included three different TV commercials of Bond Uni underneath if you would like to watch. They change advertisement very often as you might reckon. Take care

Take care, xx