Sunday, 11 July 2010

Midnattsrocken 2010!

What a weekend! LOVED IT!! We arrived the festival around 4 pm saturday, and me and Dina had already started drinking in the car on our way to Lakselv. It takes 2 hours to drive from Alta to Lakselv. I had never been there before, I could only see some houses and a lot of wood! The festival was the only place with people. Haha. Me and Dina in the back seat on our way to one of our best nights ever:

Just arrived! Making sure we're dressed properly.

How I looked. Love my jacket? Yeah, I love it too. BUT I lost it. haha... not my phone or camera, but my jacket! How's that possible? The best thing is that it belongs to mommy. So now I can't wait for her to come home from vacation so I can tell her....

The Camping. Looked like this EVERYWHERE. Finnmark style ;)

Ain't a music festival without mud!

We met two of the instrumental performers in Queensryche that is from USA. They just came over to say hi, I didn't even know who they were before they told us. They was SO nice and they came over to Siri's lavvo and we sat there for a while drinking and talking before they had to go on stage. Parker Lundgren is he to the left, and Kenny Bender is the one on the right side of me.

Queensryche on stage!

N.E.R.D!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! We was SO close to him with 13 000 people behind us. Me, Dina, Linda, Lisa Marie and Lotte was on the front row in the middle! It was several moments Pharrell Williams looked at us and sang. That was the sickest thing ever!! I think all of us had a moment with him. He had the best connection with the audience, and he is so handsome!


Friday, 2 July 2010

Hard working woman

I have some me time tonight as I was suppose to work until 10 pm but had to go home 8 as Im not feeling to well. It's awful because Im never sick, so when I first am it feels like Im dying.. Anyways, now that I have some time I can show you how I manage to clean my bathroom the other day. SO PROUD! I went through all my jewelry. Made a system and threw some of it away. So now I have all of the one I use easy to catch. Convenient!

This is one of my two favorite perfumes. I love it! Smells so good, and people associate me with it now because I use it so often. My other perfume is Christian Dior's Cherie! Love Love Love

CLEAN bathroom! I better keep it that way..

A sick and tired me right now with work clothes on. I'm now working 100% as a waitress and in the reception at Nordlys (northen light) hotel here in Alta. Need travel money so bad. Will be back in Australia in January to finish up my bachelor degree. One year left with study, which means one year without salary! Thanks to mum and dad for keeping up with me eating all their food and using all their money, haha!


Last weekend

Last weekend was a lot of fun! Me including a bunch of friends went out to party hard after a week with everyone working and not having time for each other. Me on the other hand had to work until 10 pm. But I was able to join them around 11.15 pm! All the girls was tipsy so I had to catch up on them, haha! Here is some photos:

A really fun night in words! Next time we will gather will be at a music festival a 4 hours drive from Alta. The festival is called 'midnattsrocken', or in english 'midnightrock'. Performers will be N.E.R.D, Kent and Marit Larsen. And also some others but I really don't care as much about them. It is next weekend. EXCITED! xx

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Here's some updates from the last two weeks:
After arriving Alta I been working mostly, but last week I got a lot of free time, so Kristian decided to come visit Alta for 10 days!! His classes has finished and the only thing left is exams, and why not prepare for those home in Alta, instead of alone in Tromsø? It was so good to spend more time with him. We're both kinda sick of having long distance between us as you might understand. He left today because his next exam is tomorrow, so now we only have to wait two week until next time! I will try blog more now as his not taking up all my time!

Saturday 15 may I went out partying with my friends and Kristian!
It was soo fun, can't wait for next time!

Love these girls!

17.may is Norway's national day! We got unexpected hot weather, we had on the most 28 degrees!! Sick.. especially since a lot of us choose to use the national suit called "bunad". I spent the day with family and friends!

Målselv bunad


Monday, 3 May 2010


Ops, one week since I blogged last time.. well, I know why. I've been too busy spending time with Kristian and checking out the city of Tromsø. Even though I been there a thousand times before! My week with him was so good.. We went to the cinema (Kick-ass), ate a lot of food, went out for party, and I also got introduced to some of his friends. But I had to leave Tromsø because I had to start work today!

I really REALLY wished to stay there longer because we have been 14 weeks apart.. and he wont finish school in tromsø before the beginning of june.. that's 5 weeks till! I will do my best to talk mommy and daddy into helping me with flight tickets back there in two weeks. Just for a long weekend. Because now we're ONLY 35 MINUTES with flight away from each other. That's an improve. Now I will continue watching cartoon network with my two adorable little brothers, who I have missed so MUCH! Anyway it's GREAT to be back home in Alta with family!! Picture update soon!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Slowly getting there

It's wednesday morning! 1 exam down, 3 to go.. the one I had yesterday was harder than expected, so I really hope I gave the right answers! My second one is tonight at 7.30 pm, I just got to uni and will be practising until then. I took some pictures of my packing, and a couple of my room one hour ago just to have a memory. I also took a couple pictures of myself with a lot of clothes on, just to show off it's about to get winter in Australia ;) It's only 19 degrees outside, cloudy and raining! Im freezing, and miss my warm clothes that is home in Norway.. 3 days left now!! Almost departure date :D YAY!

Bought these to travel with! 25 $AUD from Rubi.


Monday, 19 April 2010

Bring it

5 hours left until my first exam! Think I'll be good, hope so. Yesterday I went to Robina Town center to get my contact lenses and some other stuff for my flights back to Norway on saturday, including some cute Uggs! Good to finally use contacts again after a week with my glasses. haha. Only 5 days left until I'll be with Kristian again now! The volcanos will hopefully not ruin my homecoming weekend! Wish me luck on the exam :)

B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams - Airplanes


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Final Portfolio

My final portfolio in image & photography is due tomorrow, where I have to print out the 12 best taken photos through this semester! This is my pictures, so now Im just hoping for a good grade :) xx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Australia vs. Norway

Since I've been living in Australia for a while now, I have distinguish between whats good and bad with both Australia and Norway. I don't believe anything that exist in this world is perfect.. so of course I have found both positive and negative things. Everything would be soo much easier if Australia and Norway could have shared their goodies into one perfect country! haha ;) No Im just kiddin, even though there's negativity to things, at least there is a personality there, and they stand out from other countries. Take a look:

- Australian beaches, easy to distinguish from other beaches
- In general a very polite nationality
- Skylines<3
- Summer weather every season, SUNNY!
- Beautiful architecture on houses and buildings
- A lot of events, and things happening all the time
- Surfing
- Amazing landscapes
- Funny animals
- Party people!

- Humid air
- Bugs
- Dangerous animals
- Hard to find honest people
- A little behind in how the world have developed themselves in women respect
- Rainy
- Thinks there's no life outside Australia and the US.
- Get's angry at not-australian people not speaking clear english, when they only speak their own language.
- Have NO idea what Norway is.
- Think that Australia has the best quality of life in the world..

- Best quality of life over all other countries in the world
- Northern lights, midnight sun, ice hotels, fjords and winterland
- Pretties boys in the world!
- Even though we are rude, we're at least honest!
- Amazing landscapes
- Sporty, tell me about a NOT sporty norwegian guy/girl?
- Well educated
- We're allowed to boast about our viking background and our oil
- There's a reason why not norwegian people think Norway is just a fairytale.

- Cold
- Small country only the smartest people in the world knows exist
- Small towns, and cities, in general NOT a big population of people
- Okey then, we are rude and self-centered
- There's only big events in Oslo, because that's the only place that can be consider big
- Worldwide we are confused with Sweden...
- So what language do you guys speak in Norway? Me: Norwegian? Dumbass: Ooh..

Would you prefer a life in Australia or Norway?